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Advice Real Estate is a family-operated company who first arrived in Dubai in 1986. The Brouillet family quickly connected with the culture and lifestyle that the United Arab Emirates had to offer and decided to make Dubai their permanent home.

What prompted the family’s decision to enter the real estate market was their own experience when dealing with real estate agents when they were looking for properties to rent and purchase. They ran into language issues, agents not showing up on time, facts about the property not being accurate, commitments not being honoured, etc. They felt that it was time to enter the real estate market by applying genuine customer service qualities.

The Brouillet’s vast marketing experience in dealing with clients as well as Serge’s earlier background in Canada as a certified Real Estate agent in Ontario motivated the family to enter the Real Estate business in 2007. Since then, the company has maintained its integrity and flourished into a highly respected real estate business serving investors as well as end-users with the upmost in quality of service.

From buying or renting a property, Advice Real Estate will walk you through the process as though you were family. This is why our company policy is “Our Family Serving Your Family” . Whether it’s for a villa or an apartment for your family, you’ll receive the type of service that you’d expect from a genuine friend or a family member you trust.

List your property “exclusively” with Advice:

Sellers and Landlords often feel that they don’t want to give a listing on an “exclusive” basis because they feel that the more agents work on their property, the better the chances of success in selling or renting the property. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.

Most reputable real estate companies will not or cannot commit any time or effort working on a property that is not listed exclusively with them. Why? Because it’s just not feasible to do so if there is no protection for payment. Therefore, some agents may agree to list your property but will let “chance” determine the results without spending any effort promoting it.

When you list your property exclusively with Advice, that’s when the work begins. Not only Advice agents are informed about your property, but agents from any other real estate companies in the UAE as well. Advice Real Estate can promote your property to all because there is no concern about “losing” the sale during the listing period. Full description of property, including location and address can be advertised with comfort knowing that payment for services rendered will be received when transaction happens. With an non-exclusive listing, your exposure is limited to only one agent/company as they don’t want others to know about it for fear of losing out.

Advice Real Estate deals with every real estate company without exception. Besides, it doesn’t cost you anymore, as the commission is split with other agents if sold by them. Advice Real Estate has developed excellent relationships with other real estate companies in Dubai and doesn’t mind sharing commissions as our primary objective is to ensure success with your property. So, why not let your agent do all the work. It’s the smart way to deal with your property. Our name says it all. You’ll get the right “advice” with Advice Real Estate

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